21 May 2010

Due Date!

Well, it's here! May 21. Ellie's due. No sign of baby yet...

I like Helen's approach to the blog. I can't just retire it whenever I decide to. I've got to earn the retirement! Have I accomplished all the things I set out to accomplish with this blog? NO!
I still haven't broken 3 hours in the marathon.
So there you go. The blog lives on...for now. And through the fall, as I don't see a viable option for a sub-3 effort fitting into the schedule. I really want to run well at North Face in the Marathon, and I really want to run well at Glacial Trail. So perhaps next spring I'll try to break three hours.
Wait...no...I want to run Chippewa again (and dominate Helen again) and really want to run Superior. And, speaking of next year, is everyone aware of this crazy idea?
Yesterday was another decent run on the Glacial Trail course. The temps reached into the 70's, and it got pretty muggy. I didn't have a ton of spring in my legs, so I actually cut the run a bit short. I ran a bit harder in the 2nd half of the run, but still nothing all too crazy. I took a couple pictures...one of a section of the trail similar to this section of the Superior Hiking Trail, only much more forgiving...

...and another picture of the board walk...a portion of the trail that lets me know I'm very close to my car once again...


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I like Helen's approach to the blog. I can't just retire it whenever I decide to. I've got to earn the retirement!


We were thisclose to getting a stake driven through the heart of this blog and you ruined it!

Kidding. Thanks, Helen. because we all hope Nic hangs around a while - if for no other reason than to see his will to live worn down to a nub by the trials of fatherhood.

You hear me, Nic? You're giving up trails for trials! You just don't know it yet!

Hahahahahaha! Dead Ultra-Marathoner walking! Hahahahahaha!

And just when you were on a blogging tear! Two posts in 11 days! Slow down with the publishing there, Joyce Carol Oates!

[Fun fact: JCO is a frequent patron at one of the branch libraries in the system where I work. Whenever she comes in, I say, "Did you know you're a doppelganger of this Ultra Runner I know? Because I swear, he looks even more like Olive Oyl than you do."]

Tell Ellie to stop clenching already! Baby wants OUT!1!

Xenia said...

You need to entice the baby out. I'd suggest singing to it, but that would probably make it stay in gestation longer.

Good luck to you guys!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Ellie be just a little upset, especially so soon after the baby, if she finds out you're dominating Helen again?


Carolina John said...

well it's about time. dang it took her a long time to reach the due date!

i like glaven's approach. your will to live is about to go away. good luck!

nwgdc said...

NO baby this weekend...Ellie had a checkup and it's looking like it'll be early next week! Yikes!

Danielle said...

Glad you decided to stick around a little longer!

Fingers crossed the baby comes soon!

Jess said...

Time to start the spicy food, castor oil and sexy-time to get that baby moving!

SteveQ said...

1) Trampoline.
2) Rough sex.
3) Rough sex on trampoline.

That should get the baby moving.

SteveQ said...

We're waiting, baby Jeebus H. Giebler, we're waiting!

Anonymous said...

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