22 February 2010

Back to Building

Parsenn Sprinting Downhill

Parsenn Power Walking Back Up

Last week didn't go quite as planned, running wise. I only managed 3 hours of running, all on snowshoe trails at an easy (Parsenn accompanied) pace. My left foot/big toe had been feeling tight and sore since Psycho so I guess a step back (albeit a HUUUGE step back) week was in the cards. It's snowing again today, so I guess I can wait a while before hitting the trails up in hopes of the snowshoers packing it in again.

I did manage a couple pictures of my dog on the trails. One can learn a lot from him:

  • Walk the uphills.
  • Bomb the downhills.
  • Take your time and look around for deer/squirrels/leaves/shadows/a tree that should be urinated on.
  • Stay hydrated. (i. e. eat (white) snow and submerge your head in (white) snow as needed.)
  • When you're feeling good, run faster!
  • Always be happy.
  • When finished, nap.

None of those items (especially the 'happy' part) occur with Parsenn when he's on a sidewalk, with a leash. Odd, huh :)

This week will get me back on track with some longer runs and more speed work. 5 weeks to Trailbreaker (now they have a website!), and then it's on to Chippewa. Let's get Building!


SteveQ said...

I'm always looking for a deer to urinate on.

I'm thinking of being at Chippewa, but not running it and Trailbreaker's out for me.

Since Qhrystee is out as a baby name, you have to tell me how Parsenn got named.

SteveQ said...

GLAVEN SIGHTING! In the comments:

B. Kramer said...

Maybe that's why my pup lags behind me on sidewalks. It's just not fun for him there. Good luck building miles. Cheers!

Carolina John said...

build it up! good job dude.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I did manage a couple pictures of my dog on the trails. One can learn a lot from him:

In your case, I would suggest you study the running habits of simpler organisms, like slugs or wingnuts, and slowly work you way up to vertebrates and primates.

I suggest you do the same with sex.

You don't want to end up clinically insane, like SteveQ, who has lately taken to imagining babies on stripper poles. Pretty sick stuff. That's what he gets for trying to make the sex-partner switch from squids to reticulated squirrels in one leap.

O ... and happy belated holidays. (Did we win the war on Christmas yet?)

nwgdc said...

Glaven!!! Is that you?

What's with the "Z?"

SteveQ said...

Nic, I'm responsible for GQH being GZH, but that's the only responsibility I'm taking for him!

@G: You meant "in one leaping sex act" I presume.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


And furthermore: Yes - that is exactly what I meant.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Nic, it's been quite a while since you've posted and it occurred to me that it may just be because you've forgotten the formula.

So here it is, Your Handy-Dandy Template to Writing a Left-Right-Repeat post!

1. Title whose relation to the body of the post is tenuous at best.

2. Acknowledgment of how long it's been since last post but things have been very busy at Dr. Nic's House o' Chiropractic Ill-Repute ("Yes! We Do Happy Endings!1!").

3. Insult Glaven.

4. Mention of wife's pregnancy and the fact that you suspect you may be the father.

5. Repeat step 3.

6. Brief description of latest training run and why, even though it was a 50-mile run in under two hours, you think it was deficient.

7. [Optional] Unrelated wingnutty political "observation" that's a classic straw man argument, or is easily disprovable with even a minimum of research, or just plain makes no sense. (When you're really on your game, it's all three. That's why I always pray you opt to include it.)

So now these posts should just about write themselves, Dr. Nic.

Get busy filling in the blanks and the variables.

Brad Poppele said...

Nic, I have giving it some thought and going to stick with doing the Lytie half. Good Luck with your marathon.

chia said...

This post actually makes me kind of miss snow. Hope you and your training/family/super pup are all doing well!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Yeah, and when the freshly-realigned skunk releases his stink juice all over you?

That's when you know you've given him his promised Dr. Nic "Happy Ending"!

Another satisfied customer!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Thanks for the kind words of welcome on my blog, Nic.

They almost make me wish I didn't always say something d*ckish every time I stop by your blog.



Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Just fyi, Nic:

I gave you a proper welcome today.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

if you're not gonna post something new, Nic, at least take this old post down! It's been a couple weeks and it's starting to smell ripe, what with all the urine-talk in it and all.

Time to flush.

SteveQ said...

Glaven forgot to mention that you have to put bullet points in your post!

I thought of you yesterday, when it was announced Sarah Palin was coming to Minnesota for a fundraiser for Michelle Bachman. I also thought about belltowers.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Yes, right this way, Mr. and Mrs. Smith! O, certainly! I can let you have this here blog space for a song! As you can see, it's fallen into disuse - the previous owner was a "chiropractor" ... you know how those people are! And it still kinda has that wingnutty smell to it, but just open a few windows and she'll be good as new!

No, no - no need to worry about being harassed by the previous blogger! He obviously doesn't blog anymore.

And even when he did?

Man, the guy used bullet points! Hahahahahahaha! Can you believe that? The blogging equivalent of wearing a mullet!

I really don't know what Teh Marcy ever saw in him.

SteveQ said...

It's been a month now; don't pull a Glaven on us and only come back months later; we're wondering how Ellie's doing - perhaps a Trailbreaker race report's coming?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Okay, extrapolating from what SteveQ sez, "Pull a Glaven" = "disappear for a while".

I can think of waaaay worse definitions for "pulling a Glaven" ("Teh wife wasn't in the mood last night so I had to 'pull a Glaven' - my own, to be precise"), so I'm okay with SteveQ's definition.

SteveQ's blog = Run, Race, Repeat

Yours = Left, Right, Repeat ...

Hmmm ... same last name ...

Therefore ...

SteveQ must be your Dad!

Give grandpa an update on how Ellie and the baby are doing, already, you ingrate son!

SteveQ said...

G: My blog got named from an episode of Pinky and the Brain, where the plan to take over the world was to relable shampoo bottles: Lather. Rinse. Repeat endlessly.

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