20 August 2009

First and Foremost...and then Back to Me...

Wow. Amazing. Wow. In the 100 meter dash, From 1983 to 2007 th eWR was dropped .19 seconds. Now, Usain Bolt has dropped the record .18 seconds in a little over a year. It's been estimated his 40 yd time would be 3.82 seconds.

Again, Wow.

As for me, I SUCK at hills. I ran our area's biggest ski hill today, appropriately named "Nutt Hill," (Glaven, I'm expecting great things in the comment section over this) in hopes of going up and down it for an hour. I made it about 35 minutes, 10 times up and down, before rain and fatigue had me walking. I really need to do more of that stuff if I want to get faster. It's as simple as that.

After getting my butt kicked in an hour long "Yoga for Athletes" class (taught by Ellie, who I swear is out to kill me) shortly after leaving Nutts@ck Hill, finished up with about an hour of trail running on the IAT. The new picture up on top is from this run. Man, could I feel those hills again. I can't wait to go back and see if I can hold it together for an hour.

This weekend I'm hoping to put in 4 hours, with the 3rd hour being a fast one. We'll see. My plans are already screwed up a bit, as Ellie and I recently purchased a new sectional couch for our new basement, and after moving I REFUSE to move anything else, so the movers are scheduled to show up "between 8 am and Noon." Great. Thanks.

Luckily, the previous owners of our new residence didn't want to haul their treadmill up the steps, so perhaps the first hour or two will be spent on that, with it at its maxed incline, until the couch arrives and I can hit the trails. Outside of that, GREAT LUCK to SteveQ and Helen at Lean Horse, and CONGRATS to Glaven for a great trail run, and


Get Primal said...

Speaking of Nutts@cks, I can't believe you're not going to sack up and run Superior. Another duel on the North Shore would be fun, too bad Superior is too tough for you.

nwgdc said...

Too tough. Too far away, causing me to miss too much work. Don't worry, though...some day.
I need to do a couple more hill repeats between now and then, though.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

"Nutt Hill," (Glaven, I'm expecting great things in the comment section over this).

I don't need your f*cking pressure, man!1! I got like 4 hours to get all the stupid Sept Branch calendars up on the library's web site because I'm leaving for vacation after today and won't be back till September so I gotta have 'em done and here YOU are pressuring me about Nutt Hill, which I assume is dubbed WingNutt Hill when you're on it because you want Teh Terrorists to win because you mention this guy, Usain Bold - whoever he is - and he's got the same basic name as Saddam Hussein and we know HE (i.e., S.H.) was evil because he's got the same name as Barry HUSSEIN Obama and we know HE's evil because his press secretary CAN'T DO SIMPLE MATH!1!

O, yeah ... and he also wants to murder all our Grandmas with Wood Paneling (aka, Death Paneling), as I understand it!1!

But the math thing is Teh Real Evil Give-Away.

So there! An incoherent rant is the BEST you'll get from me (there's a real change of pace for ya!) along w/ my thanks for the Congratulatory Shoutout over my trail run.

Adding ... who the f*ck is Steve (Hussein) Q, anyroad? He sounds evil.

How much quicker can you expect to get, Mr. Six-Minute-Mile?

Hear that, Teh Marcy? Dr. Nic Hussein SuperRunner wants to be "quicker on the draw", as it were ...

This can't be good news for your fantasy love life.

Good luck this weekend, Nic. I'll be back to hound you some more in about 2 weeks.

Carolina John said...

have fun with that sofa. i hate moving.