12 July 2009

Week 15/10 (North Face/Fox Cities)

Monday: 4 easy miles to and from work, with the last two being right around 6:52 pace.

Tuesday: Fail. I was supposed to be out of work by 5 pm. Instead, I didn't leave until 6 and then had to attend a meeting with our 3-legged cat and a vet. All went well, but I missed out on my speed work.

Wednesday: After missing out on Tuesday, I decided to cram as much activity into as little time as possible. This resulted in leaving work at 6:20 PM (I need to talk to the boss about these long hours), running a mini tempo run (including a 6:06 mile!) until Yoga at 6:45, then begging for "savanasa" for an hour, then running back to the office (with a surprisingly easy 6:40 mile in there!), then biking home. Not bad! I tapped a beer soon after my arrival home and started getting ready for Thursday.

Thursday: I was hoping for another 3 hour trail effort but managed 2 and was approaching that lovely landmark known as WALL so I stopped. I didn't want to be stuck out halfway through another loop when the wheels really came off. Teh first loop was my standard loop, which Garmin said was 5.62 miles this time. Normally Garmin reads someplace around 6-6.5, and I think it's more like 7. I wish it was 7.5. I may just rent a distance wheel to find out for sure at some point. After a gel/SCap/Water refill I took off 7 miles on the IAT in around an hour--I was hoping it would be under an hour--but I finished up in 1:03 for a 8:46 pace. I'd like to get that pace DOWN as the summer rolls along. Had I run the IAT portion first, I think it could have been closer to 8 or 8:15.

Friday: Busy day, but found some time for a long walk with Parsenn.

Saturday: 3 hours total, one hour running the IAT, then an hour hiking with Ellie and Parsenn, then 57 minutes back to the car. Loved it.

Then, off to Milwaukee for a great tailgate party and the Brewers game, and then some time at a friend's cottage.

Part of the baseball game was spent trying to keep Ellie interested.

The rest was spent doing...other stuff.


Jess said...

Sounds like a busy week!

Carolina John said...

nice. glad you got to hit up a brewers game. you certainly got a lot of miles in too!

Viper said...

Nice week despite the missed speed. Good thing you didn't miss the beer. Those are important.

Matthew Patten said...

ummm.... cough, cough,

You should (being from the land of drunken cheesheads) that you TAP a keg, and DRINK a beer.

Thought I would beat Glavin to a smartass remark.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Milwaukee has a baseball team? Double-A or single-?

As an actually home-brewer, I should obviously be allowed to start for them. I'd like to play, what's that position? Vertically-challengedstop. And I'd like to bat tidy-up, please - you know ... fourth.

Slow-pitch, right?

O, what am I asking! These are CHEESEHEADS!1! It's ALL slow!