20 July 2009

Week 14/9

Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Nothing.
Wednesday: 1 mile, 1 hour of yoga.
Thursday: Nothing.
Friday: Nothing.
Saturday: 3:30 of on-feet time, 3:15 of moving time. I'm still working through the S!Caps/Gel/ShotBlok/Water intake and really need to work on keeping my pace a bit slower in the beginning of the run. (Duh)

This week should allow more mileage, and I really need to get speed work going for the Fox Cities Marathon in September. Also, I've been told "I'm an idiot" by someone who's opinion I really trust (and Glaven called me an idiot once, too) because I'm thinking about running Glacial Trail 50K two weeks before the North Face 50K. That may be true...and luckily I'm not registered for Glacial yet...but we'll see.


Carolina John said...

hang in there bro. that early pace is tough for me too.

Runner Tammy said...

Two 50 k's in 2 weeks doesn't strike me as idiotic. But that might be my VT100 endorphins speaking:-)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I called you an idiot once?

I probably meant to say "f*cking idiot" because "idiot" sounds too restrained for me.

F*cking idiot.

Bonus insult: In today's post, I called you a p*ssy.

(I meant to say "f*cking p*ssy".)

Over 21 miles in one run?

You ARE a f*cking idiot!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

*Sigh* You know, it's not as much fun attacking you if Teh Marcy isn't gonna jump in and defend you because she's a cougar and thinks you're hawt.

Call me a sentimentalist, but I kinda wish you hadn't killed her and buried her body in a shallow grave in some WI cow pasture, which I assume is what happened.

Not so hawt now, is he, Teh Marcy?

Jess said...

Idiocy is relative.

SteveQ said...

Glacial two weeks before North Face only makes sense if you sandwich another ultra between them. Wild Duluth 50K fits the bill.

Ace said...

Idiocy is sitting on the couch "thinking" about doing it. Game on!

Nitmos said...

So, YOU are the person they put that "may cause death" disclaimer in on the race registration waivers!

That's a heavy load. Lift with your knees rather than back.

joyRuN said...

Hmm. Your training week is making me feel a little better about mine.

And two 50ks in two weeks?? Are you nuts?