05 July 2009

Week 16 North Face Training (Week 11 Fox Cities)

In an attempt to keep track of my training a bit more precisely, I'll be posting weekly wrap-ups of my training for my two main events this fall. (yes, I know...training for a fast marathon and a fast 50K may not be the best way to go about things. But I love doing stuff like this, so I don't care.)

Thought of the week: Ellie asked me a great question the other day. If I could run any race as the last race I'd ever run...and I'd voluntarily stop running after that, what race would it be. I knew the answer immediately, and after reading this report, I'm 100% certain about that answer.

Mon: Nada.

Tues: Greenbush Single Track Loop. I kept it easy, for the most part, and felt pretty darn good and ended up running my 2nd fastest time for that particular loop. My soleus muscles are still pretty sore, but other than that I'm feeling good! I added a 30 minute out/back on the IAT to get the time up to an hour and a half. I kept the pace on those miles at around 8 minutes. Felt good!

Wed: 1 hour of Yoga with Ellie (best. teacher. in the Tri County Area.). I wanted to run a bit but called it off after still feeling sore in the calves and left shoulder (job related). Yoga really helped out those areas and got me ready for a big day on Thursday.

Thurs: Today was the first long effort since Grandma's and I'm happy with it. The temp/humidity got up to 70/80% today and I felt it. I ran the my favorite single track loop 3 times, with breaks between each for water, gel, and S!Caps. Beautiful scenery, but it was kind of dark out there because of the overcast skies and dense tree canopy.

This is from the trailhead and shows how dark it gets in the woods.

The second loop was the fastest, but I made sure to keep this run easy and not push too hard.

Fri: Nada. Had a blast at a 4th of July party.

Sat: 6 road miles sweating out the 'refreshments' from Friday night.

Sun: I wanted to do another long road run but family stuff got in the way, so instead Ellie and I enjoyed a 15 miler on our bikes. I actually got a little sunburned too...first time this year!


SteveQ said...


Ummm. Got nothin' to say, except read Meghan Arbogast's WS story.

Carolina John said...

sounds like you're getting the bases cover nic. nicely done!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

This is from the trailhead and shows how dark it gets in the woods.

Wow! It gets dark in the woods?1! Who knew?

Next post, can you upload a picture showing how wet water gets in your area? Because I'm a f*cktard and I just don't quite grok that yet.

How is SteveQ beating everyone with comments this morning? He's fast, like broadband! Wish I could make that clearer, with like a picture ...

Marcy said...

Don't hate G! Don't hate! I've already told Dr Nic it's ok to be dumb. Umm HELLO did you see those marathon pics?!? (I'm not talking the death face either). Yeah Dr Nic totally gets the pass.

Do you even tan Dr Nic? LOL ;-) I'm sorry I had to ask. Don't feel bad though because my very own Mr McG is like a big walking chalk stick. Ehhh with the last name McG what can I really expect from him :P

Nitmos said...

I would think the ws100 would just about cleanse you of your desire to run. At least for awhile.

But would you drive your Bonneville to the event?

Anonymous said...

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