07 January 2009

MidWeek DriveBy

  • Not much to report on the running this time. I got a cold on Sunday afternoon and finally kicked it a bit today. I didn't want to risk keeping it along any longer with the big merry-go-round coming up next week.
  • Thanks for all the kind words on the business. Things are going well so far...and at the same time they're quite overwhelming. But I guess I knew that when I went for it, and, with enough beer, I can handle anything! Right?
  • I really do appreciate Glaven. I love his blogs. Both of them. I did not mean to berate him. You see, I honestly very rarely am clever enough to even enter the octagon with guys like Glaven (or Nitmos, Viper, Vanilla, etc, for that matter) when it comes to wit. And because of that, I couldn't resist my previous post about his typing skillz. I hope he doesn't hold it against me. In fact, I believe I may be (dare I say) developing a bromance for the guy. Honest! I actually read his post, then comment, then read the other comments, then check back for Glaven's comments on the comments, and then check back for other comments.
  • How many guys does it take to have a half-time show in the NFL? I mean, seriously...this is getting ridiculous! Remember, "back in the day," when there was a color guy and an analyst? Now, there's a color guy. There's a Hall of Fame QB. There's a recently retired QB. There's a lifetime backup QB. There's a lineman. And there's a coach. And is it just me, or do they ALL have terrible (read: pimp-like) suits on. Gray pinstripes on a Navy suit is okay with me. Teal on Maroon (I swear, I've seen it on an NFL halftime show)? Not so much. But you know the worst part? It's when one of tools hosts interrupts another one of the tools them to say something dumb, at which point they all rock back in their chair, laughing out loud uncontrollably and slamming the desktop with their fists. Cut to commercial. Gag me. Am I totally off on this, or does anyone relate to me? Between the annoying as H-E-double hockey sticks halftime and pregame tools commentators, the fox "robots" plastered over different corners of my screen at all times, and the unbe-friggen-lievable amount of commercials (sometimes, between individual plays!) and I really can't handle the NFL. I much prefer college. Then again, as Rick Riley points out, how can Utah seriously never ever have any chance at all of winning a National Championship?


Reid said...

Here I thought you hadn't been writing much lately, when in actuality you disappeared from my reader! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!

Good luck with your indoor marathon. That's pretty wild, man.

And, by the way, Ax is totally cool with me.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

First off, apology NOT accepted! I was in tears, inconsolable, spending the WHOLEl night in Teh 'Bride's arms, after your dig at me! Until Teh 'B. finally said, "Go to sleep, already, you big p*ssy!"

I don't think she'll ever have sex with me again. So thanks for that.

Don't even talk about not being clever and having your humor falling flat until you read (the bottom half of) my post today. I'm serious. If a joke ever fell flatter than mine in yesterday's post, I'll sell it to Dane Cook.

I thought you should know that I told Oprah not to hire you. So if she never calls, you'll know why.

Payback's a bitch, eh?

I TiVo'd the Iggles game last weekend and FF'd through all the commentary. It was still annoying. I'd like to take that guitar outta that robot's hands and smash its head with it.

I think your posts and comments are funny. In fact, i thought you wasted that liquor-store-with-dad comment at my blog. That deserves to be fleshed out and made into a post here.

(By the way, I was once cursed out at joyRuN's blog by a subsequent commenter who took my joking digs at her in my comment seriously. He said I sucked! Which I do, but why rub it in?)

Finally, I'm glad to hear the business is going well in Soviet Kiel.

Jess said...

I think those ex-players and coaches wear such awful suits because they're not built like regular TV news anchors. Still, you'd think they could afford to have something customed tailored to their athletic builds.

Marcy said...

All those NFL shows annoy me. But then again . . . football annoys me *GASP* Yeah I said it :P

Nitmos said...

I was hoping for more Glaven bashing and get talk of bromance here. Disappointed!

Also, are you circling in that indoor marathon clockwise or counter-clockwise because I believe Superman was able to turn back time by going counter clockwise fast enough. We'll see if you are up to the challenge.

Vava said...

Glaven just seems to have a lot of time on his hands, or is the fastest typist on the planet! I agree with your thoughts on matching wit with these guys - in person I can hold my own, but I can't seem to make it translate to the blogosphere somehow...

Also, sorry about the snafu I caused on your blog reader - I didn't mean to hit the publish button!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Geez, the way Nitmos talks about me, you'd think I put a hit out on him or something.

O, yeah....

Still, bashing is way worse.

chia said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Bromance? HAHA! I like that term!

Viper said...

Dude, did you break into those chocolate liqueurs? Guys should only express that sort of feeling when drunk. Never otherwise.

joyRuN said...

I'm going to have to follow you a little more closely, with you being all bromantic with Glaven & all. I'll wait for the post when you take over claim of the "Glaveypoo" moniker.

Way to sneak in between my 1st & 2nd comments today, btw.

Oh, & congrats on setting up your own practice. That's a gutsy move, & sounds like you'll do great.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Your rant on the NFL shows made me LMAO. I can't watch any of them.

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