14 October 2008

He asked for it...Never send your Wife to do your dirty work ;)

Hello Readers of Nic's blog...I mean "Journal" (that's what he calls it)! Its so nice to finally meet you all. I'm Mrs. Nic, and I will be doing Nic's update today. Nic does not have access to the "world wide web" AKA Internet (Thanks Al Gore) at his new office, and since it takes the fricking cable company MORE than a week to set up phone/cable/Internet at our new place...he's asked me to do the update for him. Typically, this would be no big deal...but I'm a little crabby today, and don't' feel much like doing any favors, so I've decided to talk about what I want to talk about...not about Nic's obsession with running. My best friend lives in Ireland, and she's been off line ALL WEEK, so I've got some girl stuff to get off my chest...SO, here goes ;)

First of all, I'm going to the salon tonight (which I totally deserve and can't WAIT for) and plan on changing my hair color...but what shade!?!?! Brunette? Caramel? Honey? Chocolate? Auburn? I'm a blonde right now, but as we ALL KNOW, you have to go darker for the Autumnal season, but picking a shade can be so difficult, especially when one bad decision could mean a big(ger) hole in the pocket book, weeks of low self-esteem AND the reality that Nic will have to lie and tell me he likes it until its changed. Once in college, I was trying to get the highlights out on my own, and I ended up turning my hair grey with greenish streaks...Nic must have said "I actually like it" like 100 times...until I had it professionally fixed, at which point he could say "WOW, that was really bad...". Sweet and not so sweet, all rolled into one. Anyway, I'm thinking about a combo of this one...

and this one

Cute, right? I thought so. Good, glad that's decided.

What else...ummm, the move went well, and I only had ONE breakdown. OF COURSE it happened right as Nic was calling from his posh accommodations at the Holiday Inn Express in Chippewa Falls, as he flipped through channels on the working TELEVISION (jerk). I was SOOO hungry, and could not wait to eat my Mushroom Ravioli leftovers...but the box with the plates in it was MIA, and I couldn't lift the box that was over what I thought was the right box, and I was so hungry...the tears came, Nic called, I yelled, I felt better...and then, I found the right box, and all was again right with the world ;) Only two more rooms to unpack...wait, here come the tears again :)

I really want to go shopping for a new dress. We're readers in a Wedding in November, and I like the people enough to want to look REALLY nice at their Wedding...and I can only do that in a new Dress...and new shoes (duh, that goes with out saying). I can't find ANYTHING on the internet...so I'll have to take a shopping trip to Milwaukee, YAY! That's got me in a better mood already! The only real decision here is to get new heels OR new knee high boots...I plan to wear tights with the future fabulous dress, so I'll need closed toed heels or boots...and LOVE rocking the boot look, BUT some old people (My mother) think that's not dressy enough for a wedding. I could wear the boot look to the rehearsal dinner...true...but then I'll probably need an additional new outfit for that. GOOD thinking.

This is fun.

OK, enough from me, Nic's probably going to fake yell at me tonight...hopefully the new hair do will:
1) Take the words right out of his mouth
2) Cause him to not recognize me and yell at some random blonde in the restaurant
3) Make him be more mad about all the $$ I spent on my hair so that he totally forgets about this blog!!

I can hardly wait!!!

Oh, here's Nic's boring update:

-Chip Falls was gorgeous. So was Leinie's. I'm a big fan of Fireside Nut Brown.
Steve at stevequick.blogspot.com agrees that ChipFalls is gorgeous. (Link)

-I ran 14 miles on the IAT near ringle and loved it--but not as much as the IAT here (still my favorite section)

-Parsenn is in peak form for a fall PR attempt at the 5k distance.

-I have no internet at work. Ugh.

-I'm really excited for the fall 50 and am changing my goal time by an hour or 2 faster. Probably a mistake.

-my wife really loves me and is a lucky lady. (Write as much about this as you'd like).

-I have a slight strain of my tib anterior muscle and am looking forward to tapering next week.


nwgdc said...

Wow, Ellie. Thanks.
Not exactly what I had in mind...

Rachel said...

LOL cute!

Helen said...

VERY funny :)

Good luck with the hair. And the wedding dress shopping. Definitely need a different new outfit for the rehearsal - they are good friends right? no brainer...



Mrs. Nic,
I have to disagree with something...cute?! NO! Hot!! They are both HOT!
Cute....you're such a chick.

Oh...you meant their hair. whatever.

Marcy said...

LMAO! You need your own blog, chica. Buy both + an extra outfit AND make Nic pay for it :P

MN Ultra Runner said...

This is the first interesting post in months;) Funny you posted that first picture, I've been telling my wife for months that she's the most beautiful woman on TV (2nd most beautiful inside our home!)

Good luck to Nic on the 50, wish I could be there to battle him to the finish!

keith said...

Good luck on the taper, Nic, and good luck on the coloring Wife of Nic.

*aron* said...

hi ellie!!! you should start your own blog :)

make sure to post pics of how the hair turned out and definitey get the extra outfit!

great job on the runs nic!

NF Endurance Team said...

Too funny!

Steve Stenzel said...

HA!! Nice to meet you Mrs. Nic! I love the second to last update...

And you get a haircut and look like a mix between those ladies, Nic will have to fend me off!!

Nitmos said...

Considering all of the $$ Nic spends on race entry fees, shoes, and other running gear, I think you should probably spend a boat load on yourself. In fact, go ahead and buy a boat. I know he'll appreciate it.