16 July 2008

50 Miles Pushups

Well, I haven't run 50 miles yet, although my plan is slowly coming together for this fall (more on that in 3 paragraphs). I have, however, begun the 100 Pushup Challenge after seeing it on roughly 37,000 other running sites.

My initial test netted an even 50 pushups, and today, after the 2nd Week 1 workout, I mustered 55! Progress!

In other news, Ellie and I have some frequent flyer miles that expire in November. She offered them to me if I had someplace I'd like to go for a long weekend. Now, given free airplane tickets and the "thumbs-up" from the wife to freely choose my destination, what's a runner supposed to do?

Find a run, of course!

The leading vote getter (well, I'm currently the only voter...) is the Hocking Hills Indian Run. There are several options for distance of the run (from 5K to SIXTY K) so I would definitely be able to find a race that would fit my training, and it would also allow me to camp out at the event--something I've always wanted to do! Once again, the training schedule is being altered...


Marcy said...

Oh yeah rub it in, rub it in. While I'm over here struggling to do 2 in a row, girl style LMAO!

You're wife is waaayy too nice ;-) Shiz I'd be on the fast track on out to Vegas. Peace out! LOL


your blog is great nic. it's so great to hear about you and running, and your goals. however, i had no clue you were sick...

however, this 100 push up thing... come on... but sadly, i'm thinking... can i do it?

Nitmos said...

Can't you find a nice run in the Bahamas or something??

I refuse to give in to the 100 PU virus.