19 June 2008

Mid Week Rundown

Coming off my biggest week of the year (59 miles), I was interested to see how I felt. End result: not too shabby! Still, this week will be a slower week as I dedicate more time in preparation for my duties as head cheerleader at Grandma's for Ellie. I plan on making her laugh, keeping her motivated, and also having a blast tracking her progress from Two Harbors to Duluth. It's gonna be fun!

Monday was a simple 4 miles, followed by 3 on Tuesday. Wednesday got filed as a ZERO, but today I made up for it by putting in 16 miles on the Ice Age Trail in 2:11 (8:11 pace...not bad!). The best part of the run? I got back to my car, stripped down to my shorts, and found no evidence of ticks!
This morning's run consisted of the Southern-most 8 miles of the IAT in the Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest, which is the only part of the 31+ miles I had not run yet. I've officially covered every step of the little yellow dots on the map found here.

I don't see much running in my future for the rest of the week, but next week I'll be back at it. In the meantime, wish Ellie luck!


Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck Ellie!!!

Hey, do you mind sharing your real name? That way, if/when we see each other during the race, you can say "Hey Steve in a Speedo!! It's ________ from the blogosphere!" And I'll know what you're talking about...


keith said...

Good luck, ellie!

Should be a perfect day for a race on Sat.



Good job with your big week! And a great pace on the IAT. The fear of ticks can make a man run fast.
I hope you two have a great weekend.

Marcy said...

Gawd Steve is such a perv. Trying to pick up men at that races. LOL I'm KIDDING!

GOOD LUCK to the Mrs!! I'm sure she'll do awesome ;D

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Way to hold up so well with your high mileage week.

Have a great time at Grandma's.

Jenn said...

Wow - - I'm impressed with the mileage and your pace. (I'm slow.)

Good luck to your honey at Grandma's!

Aron said...

good luck ellie!!!!!!!!

Nitmos said...

59 miles? I've never done that in a week.

Good luck to the Mrs. at Grandma's.

Anonymous said...

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