26 June 2008

Mid Week Recap

I updated Ellie's Race Report with pictures, so be sure to check them out!

This week marked the beginning of my training for the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee this October, where I'd like to break 3 hours. While I have kept up the mileage (even turning in my highest mileage week ever a couple weeks ago), I'm looking forward to the training, which will involve more speed work than I'm used to. I'm also throwing around an idea in my head for another run this fall...but more on that later.

Monday: The first scheduled workout was a 4 mile tempo run, so I picked an out and back with known mile splits and wanted to see exactly what kind of times I could run. Last August I ran a 4 mile race on a downhill course in 25:25, so I had a bit of a benchmark to compare from last year. I ended up running 25:44, and that included a mile 3 split of 6:52. Not sure what happened on that mile!

Tuesday: I had an easy 3-5 miles on the docket, so I subbed it in for an hour of pick-up basketball in the morning and a 2 miler that night. Man, basketball is an entirely different workout, and my hip flexors have been sore ever since.

Wednesday: Either an 8 miler at PMP or an easy 3-5 miler again. Still sore from basketball, I picked the easy 3 miler and decided I'd let Parsenn make an attempt at a PR in the 5K. While he started out pretty strong, the humidity zapped him during mile 2 and we ended up in a death march the majority of mile 3. Much like a marathon runner stopping at every aid station after bonking, Parsenn stopped at every mailbox to pretend to pee. He slept well last night.

Thursday: Wow. I got my @$$ handed to me today. I had planned on running 8 miles at or near my planned marathon pace (6:50). The first 4 miles were done in 27:00, so I was doing well...just breathing a little hard. Then I turned around. The second half split: 38:32! I had plenty of time to walk and let the cooling humid breeze cool me off make me sweat even more. The other chiropractor in our office has been gone to Idaho participating in an Ironman, so my case load has been doubled over the last two weeks, and I think it's catching up with me. As I mentioned, I've been tired the last two days and I need some rest. Tomorrow's a rest day, so I guess I just got started early with my preparations for Saturday's run:

This weekend I'm running the entire Ice Age Trail in the Northern Kettle Moraine Forest. It'll be a 31 mile run/hike from the Southernmost point to the Northernmost point. I've covered the entire trail on foot in various chunks, but I've always wanted to run it at one time, so here I go! If it goes well, I'm thinking about entering the Door County Fall 50 as a solo runner. Ellie and I are currently in negotiations about this, but it's looking promising. I think I'll know a whole bunch more about that undertaking after this 31 mile trail run.

In closing, enjoy this.


Marcy said...

Coffee cures the "tired", and you think you want "baby time" HAHAHAHAHAA :P It only gets better homie! ;-)


Have a great weekend! I hope all goes well for you.

Kurt said...

Yea have fun on the trail !!! With any luck maybe both of us will make it to the start line at the Fall 50 miler.