15 May 2008

Nothing to Report

You can move on to other blogs. If you need a recommendation, I suggest Nitmos and his thoughts on marathon spectating. Friggen hilarious. I'm going to use some of them next month when Ellie runs Grandma's.

Still here?

I ran 4 miles last night at Parsenn Pace and 6 this morning at 7:05 pace. It felt great, and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact I actually ran the miles on relatively flat terrain. Recently most of my runs have been or some steep stuff.

To quote my favorite primetime character, "That is all."

1 comment:

Nitmos said...

How'd you dig that Office finale last night? Any appearance of Mose away from Shrute Farms is a pure bonus.

Keep yourself tuned like a Grand Piano buddy. The big day approaches.