11 April 2008

Uh Oh Part 2

A post today on badgerlandstriders.org message board (Posted by Layne, who ran the course today) had this to say about the South Shore half marathon course:

- No ice
- Mile 4 (and 8 on the way back): small lake-18 steps-top of the shoes
- Just past 4 mi: very large puddle; 21 steps over the shoes. This wasn't there Wed and may drain some by tomorrow
- 50 ft later, water, 9 steps, over the shoes. This one's been there since Sun and isn't going anywhere
- Between 5.5 & 5.75 mi: there are 2 large puddles; 5 & 7 steps, deep enough to soak the sox
- As you cross Park Rd just before the turn around: very large puddle, 19 steps, over the shoes. This is standing water that's been getting larger since Sun. The surrounding ground is completely water soaked.

Yesterday I ran 3 miles at Parsenn pace, then ran 10 with the intention of doing it at a 7:10 pace. I didn't have it in me, however, and had to settle for 7:24 pace. That's okay, now that I think about. I'm glad I didn't push it knowing what I know now about tomorrow's event. I'm thinking about bringing along my bike, swimming through the "small lake" at mile 4 and just making the whole thing a triathlon.

I wouldn't really care at all either, if I still had my Lafuma Shoes. They were Gore-Tex and awesome with trail gaiters, as I've mentioned in the past. Unfortunately, Parsenn ate them. I'm thinking about putting garbage bags over my feet...anyone ever try that?

As much as I'm looking forward to tomorrow's adventure, it will be great swapping stories with Keith and Adam about their race...in the snow in Northern Wisconsin!

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS: I forgot to mention that I literally ate 10 servings of fruit and vegetables today:

-Spinach (in breakfast shake)
-Frozen Fruit (in breakfast shake)
-2 oranges in morning
-1 banana
-2 servings of stir-fry veggies at lunch
-1 orange in afternoon
-2 bananas in afternoon

I had a bunch of fruit in my office and didn't want it to sit over the weekend. Bring on the race tomorrow, I'm ready!

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