10 April 2008

1 Month

May 10, 2008 at about 8:00 I will begin my attempt to FINALLY BQ at the Journeys Marathon. Before then, I would like to:

Get in two more solid 20(+) mile runs, preferrably with one of them at marathon pace.

Complete one set of Yasso 800's with sub 3 minute splits for each of them.

Cut back on some of the junk I find myself susceptible to in my diet (okay, I'm mostly talking about beer and coffee adn other dehydrants :)

Set a new 5K PR with Parsenn.

Complete 4 5K repeats in under 20:30.

Actually perform a correct taper--no "madness," no injuries, relatively high intensity, low miles.

Complete a Six Word Memoir for Nitmos--wait, not specifically for him, but he tagged me, so I guess because of him. I mean, if I'm going to perform a memoir for Nitmos, I've heard he's partial to Haiku.

Last night I ran two fast mile repeats (6:01, 5:45) then ran about 4 Miles with Parsenn at a decent pace. While he did stop twice to poop, there was no puking involved. Good Boyyyyyyyyy!


Tri+Umph said...

Disclaimer: The following comment was written by someone who has been frequently injured.

Careful with the Yasso's, thats the workout that turned my hip to crap. Going from limited fast (sub 6 pace) running, to 5 miles of it in one workout begs for bad news.

However, if you've been making the six minute pace stuff a habit, I say go for it! Those mile repeats look pretty good to me!

Triseverance said...

There are many variables that go into any race day. But from what I have read you have put yourself in position to BQ.
Sounds like parsenn is getting faster.

Marcy said...

It will happen FO SHO! Some of the best things in life are ones that haven't been the easiest to come by :-)

keith said...

I'm thinking you have a great chance at BQ'ing!