31 March 2008

Parsenn's PR & Minnesota Bizarre Foods

I planned on an interval workout today, but Ellie suggested I spend some quality time with Parsenn. You see, Parsenn has officially been confined to the kitchen when we're not home because of some very bad behavior. In the last week he has eaten: Three magazines, my ski goggles, two legs of our dining room table, one iPod shuffle (still working, though!), a baseball cap, one of Ellie's boots, two slippers, and two cookbooks. So instead of an interval workout, I took Parsenn on a run. We covered our usual 5K course, and despite two potty stops, he shattered his old PR and ran 25:50. Atta Boy!
Then, tonight one of our favorite shows featured MinneSOTAH foods. Bizzarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern traveled the state, with his first meal coming at a Lutefisk Dinner in Cyrus, Minnesota. What's Lutefisk, you ask? Well, here's what I learned:

1. Main ingredients: Cod and Lye.
2. The Olsen Fish Company in Minneapolis is the world's largest Lutefisk distributor.
3. It is actually poisonous at one point during its production.
4. The key is to "not breathe in while eating it."

Later in the show, not only did he eat a fish called a "Sucker Head," but he ate the HEAD OF THE SUCKER HEAD, which is not all that appealing:

Any of my Minnesota RBF's ever eat this stuff? I guess I'd give Lutefisk a shot if given the opportunity when I visit for Grandma's Marathon in June, but I'm not so sure about the Sucker Head.


Marcy said...

The last linky doesn't work for me, but DANNNNGGGGGG that stuff sounds like it belongs in a sewer :-X

keith said...

It is every bit as foul as it sounds.

Nitmos said...

I'd rather eat an old rubber tire.

Jess said...

I've never eaten any of it -- most people don't. But I have caught sucker fish! They're easy to catch in the spring.

bill carter said...

That is one scary looking fish and I am may not be able to eat any for quite some time. BTW, congrats on the half marathon that ended up being a little less but should probably count as a little more thanks to the weather...

Best of luck with the training.