14 January 2008

What a week!

We had fresh snow every day out there, and about 30" total in the 6 days. It was amazing. If you like to ski bumps you need to be at the Mary Jane portion of Winter Park. Absolutely amazing. My right knee and hip are a bit sore, but the injury is nothing serious. I was making my way down Sky Pilot in the Parsenn Bowl when my left ski, which should have been attached to my left ski boot, banged into my right knee cap as I tumbled through a foot of powder. It's bruised and hurts quite a bit in knee flexion, but it's already doing better. Other than that, I actually skiied under control for the most part and had a blast. The first day we were out there Ellie and I backcountry skiied, making three runs down Berthoud Pass after hiking the 45 minutes to the top. Talk about a workout! And, no, chivalry is NOT dead--I carried Ellie's skis to the top each time.
I'm going to add pictures at some point, so stay tuned!
As for running, I ran 5 miles on the Ice Age Trail yesterday and it was splendid. Other than that, there's no news. Next week the real training starts for Journeys. I was thinking about running two half marathons in preparation--one in March and the other in April. Instead I'm going to take a weekend trip up to Eagle River, where Journeys is, and run some of the course so I have an idea what the first half hills are really like. It'll help me to know what kind of work I need to put in for a "3:10 to Yuma Eagle River."


bill carter said...

That sounds awesome! I haven't been skiing in so long that reading your blog made me so envious. Back in college (way back!), my buddies had a couple of good friends who had a place in Vail. Amazing bowls, awesome powder, and a big old hot tub to soak in... those were the days.

Thanks for making me reminisce.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Ouch. Hope that knee is doing better. Sounds fabulous. Good for you!! Keep wanting to tackle the skiing, my hub is great at it and used to do it every year.

Jess said...

Glad you had fun and were able to enjoy record amounts of powder!

Doug said...

Sounds like a great week, Nic; a well earned vacation!