22 January 2008

Off to a great start! Or not.

Well, as I mentioned, yesterday was day 1 in training for Journeys. That makes today, stay with me folks, day 2. And I had to skip my workout.
Last night, after an hour and a half of basketball, I took the long way home running and covered 3 miles (26:25/8:48 pace). Plymouth got 8 inches last night in the lightest powder I've ever seen in Wisconsin--It was like I was running in a snowglobe! Unfortunately, about 2 miles in, my right medial kneecap really started to hurt as my knee bent in my stride. This is the same spot that really bothered me skiing--where my left ski collided with my right knee as I tumbled down the hill. While that ski trip seems like it was a month ago, it has barely been a week since I banged my knee up, and it isn't better yet. I woke up today to a lot of stiffness, went and played basketball for an hour (after shoveling for 45 mins), and then came to work. It loosens up, but is very tight if I sit for too long. Working diagnosis: Patellar Contusion. Treatment: Self ART, Ultrasound, and...yep...rest. Ugh.
Today was supposed to be a track workout. 3-1 mile repeats will have to wait (until hopefully only tomorrow).
In other news, remember me mentioning that adventure race going on out on the Ice Age Trail this past weekend? Well, the "winner" covered 49 miles out of 54. He got disoriented out there and turned around too early. He still won, however, because everyone else quit at the half way point (32 miles). It took him 14 hours to cover those 40 miles. I know what you're saying--that's a long time to be in -15 degree weather. And I agree. And he does too. You see, he had to have 2 friggen toes cut off because of frostbite!
The best part? He's a chiropractic student.
Man, those guys are messed in the head :) .


Marcy said...

Oh.my.gawd. the dude with(out) the toes is INSANE!!

Shoveling and B-ball count as hardcore workouts ;-)

Doug said...

Now, I'm no expert, and I know you went to school for years... But as an outsider, it seems to me that shoveling snow for 45 minutes then playing basketball for an hour sounds like anything but rest!

Let that thing heal up, don't forget we have a date (with destiny) on October 12th!

Reid said...

So now you have me intrigued with ART. I'm definitely going to look into it. Where would you recommend looking for more info? Thanks for your input!

I am hoping to make it back to Boston next year. It would be great to see you there.

David said...

I don't know how you folks run and stuff in that kind of weather. That stuff killed all the dinosaurs. They were big and tough, too.

At least you know how important the rest and recover is. Hopefully you will actually follow it, unlike the rest of us knuckle head athletes that "train through" the injury.