03 January 2008

3 miles down, 1797 to go

I've got some real dead legs right now. 27 miles on Saturday, less-than-optimum nutrition Sunday through Tuesday, 3 hours of basketball on Wednesday, and another hour today have me drained. Thankfully, I'm heading to Winter Park tomorrow night for a week of skiing, and I can't wait. Thus, the 3 miles covered so far this year have been on short runs with Parsenn.

Looking back at the 27/27, I've got the same feeling in my head that I had shortly after our Fall 50 in October...why in the world am I thinking about running 50 miles solo, let alone 100? These thoughts are music to Ellie's ears, as she's really really not fond of the 100 mile idea. It just reinforces the idea that I've got a LOT to accomplish at the 26.2 mile distance first. I mean, if 26.2 is (click), what is 100?

I also really encourage all my fellow runners to acknowledge the auto drivers that show you the smallest bit of courtesy by either slowing down a bit or moving over when they're passing you. I did 22 of the 27 miles on country roads, and every time a car approaching me made any movement to the opposite lane (obviously, when there wasn't oncoming traffic) I was sure to give them a "thank you" wave. And then there are the people who apparently are in too much of a hurry, or are disgusted with seeing someone exercising, or just so far removed from their surroundings that they simply fly by, sometimes causing said runner to retreat to the ditch. This happened on several occasions, I and kept thinking, "what acronym would Marcy use in this situation?" I'm sure she'll let me know in her comment...

As for Colorado, I'm going to get one day of trail running in, probably on Wednesday, so that will be the last run before my training starts for Journeys. I'm hoping to PR twice during my training--at the 15K in February and at the Half Marathon in March. I'll be gone for a while, so log some miles for me in between!


keith said...

The narrowing streets make winter running really tricky this time of year. Stay safe!

Marcy said...

I hear you on the nice motorists. They are few and far between in this neck of the woods *rolls eyes* Most of them get a "POS mo-foer" under my breath. Speaking of which, do you ever get looks of shock? Seems like every other person in/driving a car has that "Are you a freekin lunatic? You CANNOT be running outside" look. I can't really say much though because I probably would have had that same look this time last year LOL

Doug said...

A few months ago at a place I run, there was a guy who was literally forced off the road by a van. The van slowed down and aimed right at the runner until he was forced to run in the ditch.

Although thats definitely an extreme, rude drivers can really ruin running and biking! And I suppose we're limited to positive reinforcement to "train" them, unless we start punching cars that don't move over!

Jess said...

Here in FL, most drivers would as soon as run you down as look at you so I have few occassions to give the "thank you" wave. Usually, it's a different hand gesture.

bill carter said...

I hear you on the driver thing. When I run in Northern Michigan a great majority of drivers will move to the opposite side of the road because there is like 1 car every 5 minutes. On the other hand, I have had drivers swerve at me, flip me off, honk at me, etc. When someone is nice enough to give me room, I never forget to wave.

Not surprised you are a little sore after that 27.. can't imagine doing 50 miles of an ultra!

Best of luck.