20 December 2007

Mele Kalikimaka

Before I get started, I can't resist sharing a little Cousin Eddie...

This isn't even my favorite Cousin Eddie moment--that would have to his response when Clark mentions to the kids that Santa's sleigh has been spotted over New York City:
"You serious, Clark?"

Well, this Saturday morning I'm running a 20 miler with my buddy Jon, so wish me luck! I can't say I'm all that trained, but I have been really hammering down the 1.5 mile distance run with Parsenn, if that counts for much. Jon and I will be doing 2 rounds of a 10mile loop just outside of town. It travels right through a cross-country skiing area, over some beautiful country roads, and, to top it off, it ends with two serious hills. I'm looking forward to getting in a great run and will be sure to keep it at an easy pace, considering the 27 miler lurking in the near future.

PS...I'm not exactly sure of the explanation for such an incredible oversight, but my age group victory in this year's Lake Street Run didn't make the Top Ten Running Moments of 2007.


Marcy said...

GOOD LUCK Saturday!! Ahhhhh and to think that I've been internally griping over having to do 10 on the same day :P

Jess said...

"Shitter's full!" That's my fav Cousin Eddie line.

kurt said...

what a great movie !!!!