05 November 2007

On a runner's high, and I haven't run in a week!

This morning I watched highlights of the Olympic Marathon Trials again. It really was a great race, and to see such a grounded runner as Ryan Hall win was fantastic. I found more joy, however, in seeing Brian Sell finish 3rd. He's a workhorse and simply ran hard. He trains around Detroit, wears a Fu Manchu, and runs roughly 150 miles a week. He "tapered" to 80 miles this week. That is CRAZY.
Looking ahead to '08, I can't wait to get started. With my current (albeit tentative) schedule in place, the real training doesn't start until January, so I'm working right now on how to maintain the base and hit the ground rolling next year.
The first marathon of the year will be the Journeys Marathon in May. I don't think this is a course real conducive to a 3:10...

Hilly first half...

But you know what? I thought Chicago was a perfect course for a fast time, and we know how that went. So who knows? Perhaps it is a fast course. We shall see.
In late July I'm planning (hoping) to run the Grand Island Trail Marathon. This looks like a great event, with a different atmosphere, and unique course. That's really what I like in marathons, so it's a perfect fit.
In the fall, I've got some unfinished business in Chicago. I want to run a BQ there, and I'll give it a try (my 5th try) on October 12, 2008.
Oh yeah, I've got some other news...
There's a new addition to my training team! Meet Parsenn:

Sorry, Doug, this is not going to help you with your yearning for a dog. ;)


Marcy said...

OMG what a cute little pup!!! What kind of dog? Looks really similar to our (well my parents. Kids = pets in themselves LOL) fam dog. Sweet face :-)

bill carter said...

I see Sell out running quite a bit. We actually run alot of the same trails and the guy is just as nice as can be. The Hanson's all live in a couple houses about 10 miles from where I live. I was jumping up and down when Brian passed Dan Browne. Really cool stuff.

The Laminator said...

Very cute training partner you have there. I'm convinced with him on your side, you'll break 3:10 next year no problem.

keith said...


Glad you found my post http://keith-in-training.blogspot.com/2007/10/this-would-make-scott-jurek-shudder-and.html interesting. Please feel free to link. I'm going to put you on my blogroll as well.

Happy trails!


Doug said...

Somehow I completely missed this post when you made it, no clue how!

Looks like a champion runner in training. You got a head start on me now, I'll catch up in a year or so!