20 November 2007

Nic vs Tryptophan

I'll be the first to admit a major reason I run and stay active is so that I can eat some things that may not be...lets say "nutritionally beneficial"...and not feel quite as guilty about it. This is always especially true around Thanksgiving. So this year I'm taking on gluttony by signing myself up for a couple races: a 10K Turkey Trot on Thursday morning and a 15K run on Sunday morning. Bring on the 2nd (and 3rd through 5th) serving of stuffing! I love that stuff!

But a simple 10K is not enough. Oh no. Not when I plan to eat--graze is probably a better word--on Thursday throughout the afternoon, especially during the Packers game. I mean, NFL games last a ridiculously long time. There's often only one play between commercial breaks. What else am I supposed to do with food only one room away?

So on Thursday, a good friend of mine, Jon, and I will be adding to the 10K by running to and from the event. Jon's current training (he's an aspiring Ironman nutcase) calls for a 16 mile run this weekend, so I called up my trusty friends at MapMyRun.com and came up with this:

...and voila! 5 miles to the run, 6.2 miles at the run, and 5 miles home from the run. I'm hoping to run under 41 minutes (6:35). Today over lunch I ran 6 miles in 39:50 (6:38), so I guess we'll see.

My wife, Ellie, is flying to London tomorrow for the Holidays to visit a good friend of ours living over there, so it's just me and Parsenn hanging out on the weekend. She found a great deal on airfare, and won't have to miss any work, so I'm hoping it's a stress-free trip for her. Parsenn is probably going to be laying low, as today he had what the people at the Humane Society call an "alteration." Poor guy!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! Oh, and, pass the gravy...


Doug said...

Poor Parsenn.

Whenever my dog at home wakes up he "checks himself." I think he's actually thinking "the one time when I fell asleep, it was missing when I woke up!" and needs to make sure nothing else disappears as well!

On an unrelated note, X-rays are turning up something wrong with... none other than my right SI joint. Good call. I'll post full details later.

Marcy said...

LMAO "alteration" I'll have to use that one ;-) In fact maybe I can con my husband into one :P

Jess said...

Parsenn won't even miss what was taken. Scooter doesn't even remember that he once had balls (kidding -- I think he does -- because sometimes he steps on my husband's and it seems to be for revenge purposes).

Good luck with all that running -- you deserve all the stuffing you can stuff yourself with!

bill carter said...

Dude, you are an animal. I do like the "run so I can eat." mantra. Sorry to hear about the "alteration", but sometimes these things are for the best.