09 November 2007

My "Personal Pacer Project"

A great friend of mine from Chiropractic school, who shall be known as Hack, called me this weekend to tell me he's getting the itch to go marathoning again. He's a collegiate trackster and 2:36 PR runner, so I hate him even more than I hate Lance. But he has always been a wealth of information ever since I started trying to figure out this 26.2 thing.
Well, since we graduated, and Hack moved Colorado, we've kept in contact despite both setting up practice, growing our practices, having kids (ok, so he's got a daughter and is expecting another, and I have a puppy), and pretty much dealing with the "real world" stuff. Hack has, shall we say, put on a couple pounds, so he called me with a proposal. I help him get back into better shape through accountability, punishment in the form of embarrassing tasks, and overall support, and he'll personally pace me in Chicago next year. Now, it's one thing to have the support of the pace team. They're great. But I can't help but think that having one specific person in your corner has to be beneficial, especially for someone like me that really can't run two consecutive miles at the same pace to save my life. Hack and I would go running together all the time in school, and he would never stop talking. He'd tell me that I didn't have to respond, but he enjoyed talking because it helped him keep his pace and breathing normal. Oh, I see, by talking, he made sure he ran slow enough to not kill me. JERK!
So, I help him get into better shape, he helps me run...but how fast? That's the catch, I guess, if there is one. We're looking to run sub 3 hours. I'm pretty sure he can do that right now, so there's my motivation. I need to get ready for a sub 3 so that he doesn't BEAT me when we run.
With this new plan and goal, my expectations at the other marathons definitely changes. I'll be honest, I've thought, "Don't even do them, you need rest!" I know, I know, that's the smart approach. But I'll be the first to admit I'm addicted, and I will simply look at Journeys and GITM as training runs, with the ultimate goal being the conquerage (is that a word--no, wait, it's conquest...right?) of Chicago.
I'm looking forward to your comments.
Am I nuts? (probably) Should I scale back? (duh) Is it wrong for me to be this excited for January to start coming so I can train for Journeys? (most likely) Did Parsenn poop on our kitchen floor this morning, and then lean in to lick it before I noticed and intervened? (yep.) I know that last one wasn't related to ANYTHING, but I bet it made you smile.


Doug said...

Chicago is a full year away, I think you could go under three. As long as you don't run by a bank that says its 95 degrees during the race!

I'm hoping Parsenn is your dog and not your special neighbor! Or a patient. Or a nickname for Ellie.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Where do you get Parsenn as a name? Yeah, they do that. Otherwise they are adorable.

I don't like JERK either if he has put on a few pounds and stopped running and can still run a sub 3. You know, Amy has to do all the talking when we run, too. I know how you feel (only at a totally different level!) :D

The Laminator said...

A personal pacer for Chicago?! Wow, that's awesome. I'd be excited too. Although sub 3- is a very lofty goal.
Good luck. Just make sure yoou don't overtrain or sustain a major injury chaing it.

Jess said...

If you're excited, go for it!

Runner Brewer said...

Hey man,

Don't waste your money and hard work at Chicago (it's just a fun run).

Doing sub 3 there is tough without a seeded bib, unless they have changed that. In 2002 it took me 7 miles before I could run fast enough to get under a 7min pace, there were still 9 and 10 minute milers that started out that close to the front.

$110 is steep too. If you are looking for fast and flat, Whistlestop is the fastest course I have been on.

But, I may be one of those JERKs (I try not to be)