25 October 2007


But this time it only fits the most minimal requirements of a "taper." I ran 3 miles today on the "Church Hill" in town to prepare for my last race of the year. This Saturday I'll be running the Road America Run, around the 4 mile race course that is Road America.

This picture is over 20 years old. It's amazing how much the place has changed.

Tomorrow will be my "taper," and on Saturday I'm going to try and beat my 4 mile PR (from this past August) of 25:28. It's really going to be tough, I think, as that PR was set on a downhill course, and RA is anything but flat/downhill. In fact, the final .25 miles will be up the steepest hill on the course:


Being the son of an avid (read:RABID) racing fan, I have been going to RA as long as I can remember. It'll be neat to see the track at a slightly slower speed. To get an idea of the track, I've added two videos from RA. The first is on a motorcycle, hitting 170 mph, and the second is from a really bad crash two years ago (she was ok, as you'll see.) Am I a hacker, or what?! :)

"Road America: Then and Now"


Non-Runner Nancy said...

UHHHHH, didn't you just do something like 30 miles???? Holy crap.

Have fun, but don't get too disappointed if you don't make the PR. :)

Marcy said...

LOL I was thinking the same thing as Nancy! Wowzer!

Jess said...

Holy crap, 4 miles in 25 minutes? Are you secretly Flash Gordon?

The Laminator said...

You are a running maniac! How many miles did you run this last month? Anyway, I'm in awe of your dedication to the sport. I hope I can put in as miles after my marathon as you are doing now. Anyway, good luck and have fun chasing your PR!