09 October 2007


Yesterday I ate Pizza, Cheeseburgers, French Fries, and even had a couple bottles of the Champagne of Beers.

Hey, I like it, okay?
So what's the point? On my personal "Mount Rushmore of comfort food," all I seemed to leave out was a Dairy Queen Blizzard. I guess I needed it too, after this weekend, where I probably lost 8-10 pounds during the run. But now, it's time to move on. After reading some other runners' thoughts on the LBCM, I have kinda figured out what's going on in my head. Below is a list of my previous times in Chicago:

2004, 1st ever marathon: 5:15
2005, 3:47
2006, 3:36
2007, 3:44

See a pattern? I always had Chicago to see where I was in fitness (Thanks to Greg of "Running against Time" for pointing this out to me). I never trained all that hard for those previous marathons, so I was pretty pumped to run Chicago this year after all the work I had put in. I mean, I was coming off a 20 mile training run at 7:18 pace and a 1:29 half marathon! I believe my exact words were "Bring it on!"
Oh, Ma Nature brought it. So here I am, proud that I didn't really HURT myself, but still not knowing what I could have done? What was my potential? UGH!!!!
That's over now, though. I spent yesterday and today looking at different marathons I could maybe squeeze in this year. I'm not going to add any. Between the Fall 50 and my Birthday run, I'll have plenty to keep me busy. Ellie doesn't need me getting all worked up over another run, either. She's been too good to me, heck, my whole family has, to start working up to another marathon so soon--it's honestly kind of selfish. So I'm okay with where I am. I can train this winter, I can get ready, I can plan events for next year, and I can look forward to October 5th, 2008, when I'll run at least a 3:10. Maybe a lot less? We'll see.
There are a lot of people looking for heads to roll in the fallout of Sunday. I'm really not sure where I stand on this, but I do know that the popularity of the marathon has exploded recently. I know people (way to many people) who have signed up to run one and joke about how much they haven't done. I think we need to recognize and respect the 26.2 mile distance, and know that it isn't a 5K or a 10K. It isn't a "fun run." I know I respect it even more now. I remember thinking, "my God, I've got so much work to do at this distance, and so many different courses to experience, I really don't need to move to an Ultra--I'm not ready yet! There's so much I can do at this distance!"
So here's to Chicago, to this year's upcoming events, to unbelievably supportive families, and all that the future may bring--Boston, for one!
You can raise your champagne (of beers) now.


Doug Cichon said...

Our lines of thought are so similar its scary! I can't help but wonder my actual potential, and am very, very tempted to squeeze in a Boston Qualifier in a month or two (yes, I'm thinking about this when standing up is a great accomplishment).

Do you have a spring marathon in mind, since you won't be doing Boston? I am going to pick one, assuming I don't squeeze in a qualifier.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great posts. It's great to see the spirits start lifting as this sinks in. You did a helluva job getting through this marathon. It was more "survival" than BQ. You did it. Rest and Recover. :)

Jess said...

Oh yes, Mother Nature brought it. Brought it hard.

Congrats on your finish -- that's a medal to be proud of this year, no matter the time!