30 October 2007

Chicago Pictures

I finally got some pictures back from the "Thirst Annual Chicago Marathon Fun Run" so I figured I'd share!

The leaders at Mile 2.

About 5 (okay, more like 15) minutes later, I arrived. I never started my watch when I crossed the mats, so I'm handing it off in the picture. Still smiling! (duh, it's been less than 2 miles!)

Ellie and Doug "the thug" flashing some gang signs. Okay, they're not gang signs. They're the letters "N" and "F" in sign language. I think this is my favorite picture from the whole weekend.

At the finish line, cooling off with ice bags.

The cheering section! I can't thank them enough. From left: Brian (bro-in-law), Debie (sister), Mom (Mom), Dad (Dad), Kathy (sister), Doug (Thug/Security), Emily (niece), Sean (nephew), Ellie (not sure who invited her), Alaina (niece), Me (you can fill in this space with a complimentary word of your choosing), Anita (sister), NicK (brother-in-law who spells his name wrong).

Where's the food and alcohol? Gotta rehydrate!

Yes, both of those wine glasses are mine. And so is the beer in the background. Ellie insisted on the napkin overkill to keep my new shirt clean. Kathy is showing off the bling (my napkin bib is covering mine up). Anita is flashing some sort of gang sign I am not familiar with.

I insisted on buying special running socks made by Injinji to prevent blisters. So much for that idea. It looks like my toe is wearing earmuffs!


Marcy said...

Dude . . .. ooohhhhhh man you just killed me with that last pic. Totally smiling the whole way scrolling down . . . .and then . . .*puke* LMAO!

AWESOME pics!!!

Doug said...

Good pictures! Well, yeah, except that last one. Don't make me post pictures of my blood blister before I drained it!

I saw your NF crew along the course at one point in Chicago, although I didn't realize it until I was right next to them. I thought of saying something like "TELLNICDOUGFROMKENTUCKYSAYSHI" but by the time I put two and two together it was too late!

The Laminator said...

Nice pictures dude...even better commentary! I cringe to think my toes might end up worse than yours after marathon sunday...if that's even possible?!

Jess said...

Could've done without the last pic, but overall, they're great!