07 October 2007

90 degrees in October? WTF was that?!

Wow, it was unbearable in Chicago today which led to a much slower time than I ever could have anticipated. I finished in 3:44, after running the first half of the marathon in 1:34. At about mile 15 I was still on pace for a 3:10, but at that point I decided I had to either (A) keep going and crash, burn, and DNF by mile 20, or (B) pull my pace way back and get that medal. I'm still wearing the medal proudly, and although my time wasn't all that desirable (not even a PR), I am more proud of myself after this race than I have been in any others. I'll have a more in-depth report up tomorrow, but at the moment I need to rehydrate a bit more with a cold one.
Congrats to my sister, Kathy, who battled all day and made it in before the cutoff, to Doug, who ran STELLAR, to Tom, who gutted it out and finished, and also to Doug's sister for getting done and earning the hardware.


The Laminator said...

Congratulations on finishing. It was brutal out there. I'm glad you didn't 'crash and burn' and made it all the way through. Hats off to you for running a smart race!

Doug Cichon said...

Great job today Nic! Absolutely brutal conditions, I agree that finishing was very rewarding!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Smart choice. I'm so glad you made it and you are safe. It was heartbreaking to watch.