20 September 2007

Quad Cities, here we come!

I ran a 5 mile loop in town and finished in 33:45. The Brooks felt great on my feet, my HR stayed between 155-165, I had a kick at the end, and I've got no aches post-run. I'm excited for this weekend and am looking forward to running strong in the Half Marathon. Looking back, although I'm not tired or injured or anything right now and could probably run the Full Marathon, I'm happy with my decision to pull out. It fits into the taper for Chicago better, it allowed me to get a good run in this past weekend, and I can have a trial run at the pace, on a course with aid stations, to prepare for Chicago. I'm excited!

[Added to post: I felt so good after a great day at work, I ran 2 miles at an exact marathon pace. Piece of cake!]

The new addition to my page on the right margin is pretty cool, too! Whoever stumbled upon my page from somewhere in Europe and Brazil, welcome! And to my sister, Kathy, who lives in Oregon...shame on you!

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Doug Cichon said...

Good luck this weekend!