25 September 2007

If it rains in Chicago, I'll be ready.

I ran a 6 mile recovery run today in pouring rain that started about 3 minutes into my run. I kinda liked it. "Bring it on," I thought to myself. I made sure to keep the pace calm, with only the hope of loosening up my calves in my mind. I ran without an HR monitor, without music, without the training partners. It was nice to just be out there, with a clear mind on the next two weeks. I ended up running a 7:22 pace, so I was moving pretty good too.
I want to get one more track workout in yet this week, but I think I'm limited to tomorrow afternoon to get it in. I don't want to do it with a lot of soreness still in the calves, so we'll see. It's a lot of fun to read everyone else's plans as we get closer to our big races, whether it's Chicago or New York or anywhere else, and the blog journalling community is a nice way to keep some form of sanity while feeling like I'm eating too much, or thinking my legs are much more sore than they should be right now, or that perhaps the LaSalle Bank will just call off the entire marathon after the Cubs completely collapse and lose the Central to my beloved Brew Crew...
You know, if that last one happened, I'd be okay with it.

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