05 September 2007

A change of plans, officially...

I contacted Joe Moreno (extraordinary RD for the QCM) regarding my status as a marathon participant, wondering if I would be able to change to the half marathon and get a refund. As I was expecting, yes, I can run the half marathon instead, and no, there isn't a refund. This is okay with me though. When I consider my current injury status, it really would have been tough to make it through the QCM at PMP and still have anything left for Chicago. Running the half in QC still leaves me open for an attempt at 3:10 in Chicago also, while still giving me a couple weeks to try and rehab. So it's official...Half Marathon in Quad Cities, Marathon in Chicago, and Ultra Relay in Door County!

Tonight I'm going to sneak up to the high school weight room and put in some time on an elliptical. Hopefully I remember my HR monitor, so I can try and get it up into range for about an hour.

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