16 September 2007

Ahh, the trails, part 2

Today I took my training partners, Bonnie and Cork, out on the Ice Age Trail for a nice hour-long recovery run. They sure enjoyed it, and had a well-earned nap afterwards.

It was a beautiful run at a wonderful pace (I covered 7 miles). I definitely see a future transition to trail running marathons and ultras in my future, once I get something out of the way on the roads. During the "out" portion of my out-and-back run, I met two teenagers on the trail, carrying backpacks and listening to Ipods. "Kinda late for a hike," I thought, as I nodded to them and kept running. I eventually reached my turn-around point, and headed back the way I came. Obviously, I ran into them again, only this time I smelled them before I saw them. It was a distinct aroma...one I hadn't smelled since Ellie and I sat in the grass at a Dave Matthews Concert earlier this summer. Suddenly their peculiar hiking trip made a little more sense. For them, the Ice Age Trail was being used in a slightly different way. Now, I would hate to come right out and accuse them, so lets just say I've got a good idea who was rocking on their Ipods.

I have some soreness in both soleus muscles, and my right quad was a bit tight. Nothing too bad after yesterday outside of that, so I'm looking forward to this weekend. Let's hope Doug heals up quick also.

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Doug Cichon said...

Don't hope I heal too quickly, or else you might lose the chance of a pacer you know during the race!

Its feeling worlds better today. But I'm still taking this week off regardless; I can't take any chances right now.

I'm glad your foot problems are gone, injury is so frustrating!